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electronic cigarette thc & e cigarette liquid thc

     Currently 18 states in the U.S.A. are legal medical marijuana states. Medical marijuana patients are known to not only smoke marijuana but to use marijuana in other forms such as cookies and brownies. The news recently reported that now not only were these pot smokers using cookies and brownies but they were now using electronic cigarettes with liquid thc and with wax. That's right thc oil and with wax. Liquid thc is very potent and is stronger than eating medical marijuana and now various companies have even begun to pop up selling over priced personal vaporizers (vaporizer pens) aimed at the growing medical marijuana user base. One such company offers a product known as the g pen. The g pen is simply an ego electronic cigarette battery that uses a standard 510 e-cigarette thread type with a basic clearomizer. For those looking to save a ton of money over the g pen, give us a call at 866-443-8870. Or click on the link below to see our recommend ego electronic cigarette battery if you need a full ego battery starter kit with a wall charger, carrying case etc. click this link for our 1100mAh ego electronic cigarette starter kit. Bottom line, our batteries are bigger and stronger than the g pen and offered available to you at half the price. I bet you're asking yourself why would they offer this highly in demand hot hot product at such an affordable price? The answer is simple!

     We know that once you start to use your personal vaporizer with your preferred smoking blend you will need replacement parts later on. Believe me....I repeat you will need replacement parts. Why is this you ask? Well, clearomizers which are the cartridges that are used with various types of liquid need to be replaced every few months just depending on your level of use. This is simply because clearomizers can clog and begin to taste funny as the inside of clearomizers work much like a sharpie which soaks up ink. After so much time the wick inside is going to begin to go bad which is going to make your liquid taste funny. This is an unavoidable part of owning this product. However, you will love it...we guarantee it. We know you'll love it so much, that we stock 1,000's of these and they are waiting here right now just for you....so give us a call at 866-443-8870 and make sure to check out these two products on the website for the best personal vaporizer on the market.

     ElectronicCigarettesFast.com carries the best prices on electronic cigarettes for sale on the Internet guaranteed. To SAVE 10% OFF your ENTIRE next order simply enter the coupon code "liquid10." For those located in Southern California or looking for electronic cigarette stores in Los Angeles our warehouse location is located in Corona, CA feel free to stop by and say hello or to pick up your order. Again you can reach us toll free at 866-443-8870.

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