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Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes
A note from our management: 

First and foremost we would like to thank all of our current wholesale customers for their continued support and efforts in 2013. 2012 was a terrific year for us and we are happy to report that 2013 has been even better! There has been a HUGE increase in demand for ecigarettes in 2013 and we expect this to continue for the next few years. For those of you who may not know, Lorillard Inc. the maker of Newport cigarettes purchased the blu e cigs company back in 2012 for 135 million. Since that time Lorillard has begun a huge marketing campaign across national television promoting the blu e cigs brand. In addition, Njoy another popular ecigarette brand that is also being run by former big tobacco executives has also actively promoting their brand through the radio and through television. Njoy recently even ran a commercial that was shown to millions of viewers on the night of the Oscars. 

Millions of dollars are quickly being spent to promote electronic cigarettes as the sales of traditional cigarettes continue to decline. Call us first for your electronic cigarette distributor needs!

This increase in marketing has been great for the awareness of the product and now ecigarettes are becoming more common place around the country. As of now, roughly only 20% of traditional cigarette users have even tried an ecigarette. Surely as that number increases from 20% the overall market will continue to grow and there lies the opportunity to build a lifetime of customers. We saw this opportunity as it first became available several years ago and we actively put together a series of websites to sell the product. It only took 1 year before we were absolutely shocked at the overall demand for the and the increasing amount of sales calls pouring in daily as word got that we had the lowest prices on premium ecigarettes available. With thousands of retail customers actively purchasing ecigarettes online we decided to move to a new larger warehouse location in Corona, CA so that we could continue to meet and exceed all of their needs. Through much hard work and even more good luck we are proud to say that we are now ranked by Alexa rankings as one of the top websites for electronic cigarettes on the Internet and every day google provides us with a steady stream of new wholesale and retail customers every day. As our base of retail customers has grown so has our purchasing power and we are now able to offer our wholesalers with the most competitive prices on ecigarettes in the USA.

We will continue to serve all of our retail customers as they continue to grow but it has now become our primary focus to work exclusively with our wholesale partners for distribution of electronic cigarettes across the country. As we all know, traditional cigarettes are primarily sold in places such as convenience stores and gas stations and we are actively looking to market our products in these similar type locations. 

We know finding a wholesale or dropshipping partner for ecigarettes can be a difficult task as this is a new industry and there are very few formal companies that have been formed around this business. It was obvious to us early on, after many sleepless nights working with our factory partners in China, most small businesses simply would not have the resources at their disposal to purchase the large volume of ecigarettes required by the factories to get great pricing, speedy delivery and quality service. Because of this we have designed a whole portion to our website specifically dedicated to US ecig businesses. Whether you are an independent dealer, small "mom and pop"business or an e-commerce site; we want to make supplying electronic cigarettes to your customers as cost effective as possible!

This page is not intended to serve as a sales pitch to convince you to buy a series of books or pamphlets. If you are self motivated and love to talk to people then selling ecigarettes will be easy. If you know people who already smoke and are interested in saving money it will be even easier. We will continue to add new products as they become available.
To see wholesale pricing you will first need to register as an ElectronicCigarettesFast.com wholesaler. All products added to your shopping cart that are purchased without registering as a wholesaler will not be shipped.

Please Note: It is in our best interest to get your products out fast, however we are not an actual ecigarette factory. Though most of our inventory is kept on hand at our California head quarters, there can be instances where products can be out of stock or shipped from an alternate location. For this reason we ask for your patience. Most of our wholesale orders are shipped out within 2-3 days of receiving; however there can be instances where products can be delivered within 2-3 weeks. We are still a growing business just like you.  

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