SimpleCig Battery (900mAh)
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SimpleCig Battery (900mAh)
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SimpleCig Battery (900mAh)

Part Number LLL-EGO5-2-2-2
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The SimpleCig 900 is the ideal choice for any new or experienced ecigarette user. Operated with a manual switch which allows you to control the amount of vapor you. This super charged battery will outlast smaller 180, 280 and 650 mah batteries. The SimpleCig 900mAh utilizes a raised 510/eGo thread type which will make all drip tip clearomizers and e cigarette refill cartridges 100% compatible.

To Use:

1.Click the button located near the screw top end of your battery 5 consecutive times to activate and turn on.
2.Once you click the battery button on and off, the tip will flash blue three times, this will let you know it is turned on. The tip will also flash blue when it is powered off.
3.To use, screw in your favorite e cig cartridge or clearomizer. Once you have your cartridge or clearomizer screwed in, simultaneously hold down the button and puff.
4. When you are finished vaporizing; set it down or click the battery button 5 times to turn off.

Note: If you leave your battery turned on, the battery life will remain dormant.


To charge your CE-5 tightly screw your USB charger into the screw top end of your battery. Your battery will take 3-5 hours to charge depending on how drained it is.

Charge Time:3- 5 hours
User Level: Advanced

Please Note: Always make sure to turn off your battery in between uses. Turning off your battery will prevent possible battery venting, or unstable pressure build up. Also, make sure the button to your battery is not pressed downward (or in the on position) when it is not in use.

Battery Caution: All e cigarette batteries are made from lithium ion, the same material used in cell phones and laptop computers. Avoid over charging your battery. Over charging your battery can lead to complete battery failure. Do not leave your battery plugged in unattended in your car per risk of explosion. Keep your battery out of direct heat. Do not attempt to light your battery with a heat source, ie; lighter, match, butane, or electrical. Attempting to ignite your battery can potentially cause explosion. is not liable for any risk due to tampering or modifying after the battery has been sold. All batteries have been checked by our staff before being distributed to the public. All batteries have been RHOS certified.
Customer Reviews
Rating review
I bought the whole set with additional batteries and eliquid from your Corona retail location. You guys seem to really know what you guys are doing. All the questions I had you answered perfectly. I enjoyed trying the different battery types and eliquid flavors. I will be returning to do business with you again as soon as this apple eliquid is finished up! Thanx
  Reviewed by:   from Corona, Ca . on 3/11/2013
Rating Very Professional
I placed my order and within 3 hours I was notified it had been shipped. Low and behold 3 days later I received all of my items. I am happy to find an e cigarette company who actually ships their products same day. I have had bad experiences with 4 e cigarette companies, and thus far this company has been the best... They even pick up the phone when I called which is more than I can say for the rest of the companies. Thanks for the great service.
  Reviewed by:   from Miami Fl. on 3/11/2013
Rating Product Review on 900 battery
I am very happy with my battery and eliquid. I have been smoking for over 40 years, and actually love it, but due to health circumstances had to stop. This is the best alternative I have found. I can still enjoy my habit without feeling horrible. Thank you for the fast shipping and great products.
  Reviewed by:   from Kirkland, Wa. on 3/7/2013
Rating Thus far exceptional
Great battery, a ton better than the smaller batteries. I am happy to see you that you guys started carrying more advanced products. Keep doin what your doin, you guys rock!
  Reviewed by:   from South Bay, CA . on 3/1/2013
Rating Perfect size
This battery is the perfect size for vaporizing, not too bit and not too small. I am going to make a YT video on your eliquid and different battery types. So far you products have beat out a couple other companies I have been using for awhile. Thanks for the great deals. Sean
  Reviewed by:   from Fontana, CA . on 2/28/2013
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