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General E Cigarette Q and A

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are a battery operated alternate nicotine supply system. Users can use their electronic cigarette just like they would a traditional cigarette; however, instead of smoke the user inhales a water vapor solution.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes are made up of two pieces; a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and a disposable flavor cartridge. When the user draws on their e cigarette it activates a sensor inside of the battery, this sensor then initiates activation of an atomizer inside the cartridge which heats and vaporizes the nicotine/ non nicotine e- liquid. The user inhales the vapor. When you are not puffing on your e cigarette, the battery automatically turns off.

Do you offer no nicotine?

Yes, all of our flavor cartridges can be purchased in non-nicotine.

What color is the tip on the battery?

The battery tip is red and looks like a real cigarette tip.

Does the e cigarette “work”?

The e cigarette is made to look and feel like a traditional cigarette. A lot of our clients have switched completely to “smoking” e cigarettes.

Can I quit smoking with electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have not been approved as a nicotine cessation device by the FDA. However, many of our customers have reported tremendous success in quitting traditional cigarette smoking.

Can I smoke my e cigarette anywhere?

Unfortunately because e cigarettes are still new, there are some places who do not allow e cigarettes because of the near identical look to a traditional cigarette.

Can I smoke it on an airplane?

Airplanes are beginning to ban the device on flights, so we highly recommend asking before you attempt to use it when you are traveling. 

Do electronic cigarettes feel like cigarettes?

Yes, electronic cigarettes were made to mimic the exact look and feeling of traditional cigarettes. The user puffs on the ecigarette just like a traditional cigarette.

 What comes in my kit?

Our kit comes two ways: a standard kit that is $24.95 and a bundle kit $34.95.

The standard $24.95 kit comes with one rechargeable battery, three cartridges, one usb charger and one carrying case. The cartridges are disposable and are equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. The USB charger twist into the rechargeable battery and can be plugged into a computer or laptop outlet.

The Bundle $34.95 kit comes with everything listed in the standard kit, plus a wall and car charger.

What if I don’t have a computer or laptop/computer?

Electroniccigarettesfast.com recommends the Bundle $34.95 kit.

Which nicotine strength works best if I smoke “Marlboro Red”?

If you smoke, or are used to smoking regular cigarettes, Electroniccigarettesfast.com recommends purchasing our high strength 18mg refill cartridges. If you smoke “ultra-light” or “light” we would recommend purchasing our light -11mg cartridges.

Electronic cigarette safety

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Although the e liquid ingredients have been tested and have been approved ‘safe’ by the FDA, electronic cigarettes have not been approved as a nicotine cessation device. All ingredients used in our eliquid are SGS certified. Electronic cigarettes are also free from tar, carcinogens and the nearly 4000 other harmful ingredients found in traditional cigarettes.

What if my electronic cigarette is too harsh for me?

Electronic cigarettes were made to mimic the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. If you experience your e-cigarette being too strong, we would recommend switching to lower nicotine strength.

What are the ingredients?

Full lists of our ingredients are listed on our website. The main ingredients are: flavoring, binding ingredients such as water and glycol and nicotine.

Does your product have Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Yes our e cigarettes contain PG, however the ingredient has been recognized as safe by the FDA and it is SGS certified. The ingredient acts as a binding agent and also makes the liquid vaporizable. PG is also used in other common house hold ingredients such as cake frosting, tooth paste, medical inhalers and cosmetic humectants.

Is nicotine harmful?

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that affects the bodies’ vascular system. If you have heart or respiratory problems, emphysema or asthma consult with your physician or do not use this product.

Battery Q and A

When do I know when it is time to recharge my battery?

You will know to recharge your battery when the LED light at the end of your cigarette flashes on-and-off. Also, you will know when your battery is beginning to need a recharge when the vapor is no longer strong even after the cartridge has been replaced.

How long does the battery take to recharge?

Your battery will need to be charged for 2-3 hours.

How do I know when my battery is done charging?

Your battery LED tip will light up red when it is charging. When it is finished charging the battery light will turn off.

I think my battery is dead, what do I do?

First off, have you completely charged your battery? If your battery is plugged into the USB charger and the tip is still lit up red, than it needs to be charged longer. Disregard what the USB adapter is reading. Just take notice of the battery LED tip.

 If you puff on your battery and the tip blinks on-and-off, you will need to recharge your battery.

If you have charged your battery for longer than three hours and it still does not work, you will need a new battery. In the future, avoid leaving your battery on the charger for long periods of time. Leaving your battery charging overnight, or for extended periods of time will shorted the battery life.

Will you replace my battery for free?

If you are still within the 30 day period of purchasing your product, we will send a free replacement.

Refill Cartridge Q and A

How many cartridges equal one pack of cigarettes?

One cartridge equals about one pack or 18-20 cigarettes. The exact amount is variable and dependent on the users draw.

Can I refill my cartridges?

Yes, refilling your flavor cartridges is an option, however you do not HAVE to. A lot of our clients prefer to just dispose of their cartridge for convenience purposes. If you decide to, our cartridges are refillable up to three times. We highly recommend disposing of your flavor cartridge after the third refill because the materials inside the cartridge will start to break down and taste bad.

How many cigarettes equal one bottle of eliquid?

The eliquid is a 30ml bottle a little bit bigger than an eye dropper. One bottle equals 300-350 cigarettes.

How many drops of eliquid should I put into my cartridge?

Our flavor cartridge fits 5-10 drops of e liquid.

How do I refill my cartridges with e liquid?

Make sure your cartridge is completely empty before attempting to refill. You will know your cartridge is empty when vapor is no longer emitted even after your battery is fully charged. If your cartridge is not empty before you attempt to refill, the eliquid will not absorb into the cartridge filling.

 To refill your cartridge, drop 5-10 drops of eliquid into the mouth piece end of the cartridge. Once you have dropped the eliquid into your cartridge wait 15-20 min before using.

DO NOT drop eliquid into the battery. If you drop the eliquid in the battery, it will short and disable.