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Electronic Cigarette Battery 280 mAh (510 battery thread type)
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Electronic Cigarette Battery 280 mAh (510 battery thread type)

Part Number LLL-BAT1
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Inside all of our rechargeable e cigarette batteries is what is called a "flow sensor." The flow sensor powers the battery on and off when a user drags on the electronic cigarette. The flow sensor also allows the battery to power down when not in use to preserve the battery life. The flow sensor is so responsive that even the slightest drag will immediately activate and power the refill cartridge to produce a satisfying amount of vapor every time.

510 Electronic Cigarette Battery Thread Type

Size: 9.2x111mm 

Power: 280mAh

Average Charge Time: Approximately 2 hours. 

Smoke Time: A fully charged battery will last 20-30 (1 to 1 1/2 cartridges) worth of smoking before necessary recharge.

ElectronicCigarettesFast.com wants to provide you will the best e cig experience possible. In order to do so, our 510 thread type mini e cig batteries utilize a 3.7V lithium ion battery and produce 280mAh. Many of our competitiors such as Victory e cigs, No flame electronic cigarette, Saphire e cigs and even manufacturers such as joyetech are charging more than double our price on one of the most popular e cigarette styles available.

Our electronic cigarette batteries are 100% compatible with ecigarette refill cartridges and clearomizers sold by ElectronicCigarettesFast.com as well as many of the other popular ecigarette brands on the market.

Battery Lifetime:

ElectronicCcigarettesFast.com e cigarette battery is 70 percent charged and ready for use, however, can be charged before first use for optimal performance. Our fully charged electronic cigarette battery should last 20-30 cigarettes worth of smoking before a necessary recharge. On average our electronic cigarette battery will take 1- 2 hours to re-charge. The lifespan of our batteries is approximately 400 charges, or a years worth of use.

Tips on how to improve your batteries lifetime:

To get more longevity out of your electric cigarette battery, make sure to take it off the USB charger right after it's done charging. You will know your e cigarette battery is completely charged when the LED light turns off. Leaving your e cig battery on the charger for too long will shorten the life span. We also recommend charging your e cigarette battery right before you have completely drained it, this will also lengthen your e cigarette batteries life time.  

Cold temperatures will also negatively affect your battery and could potentially shorten the batteries longevity. Also keep away from extreme heat! 
Tip for optimal battery performance: Before every use take a long drag off your e-cigarette. This will heat up the battery and create more/ stronger vapor.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Warning:

Electronic cigarette batteries are made of the same lithium ion material as cell phone and laptop computer batteries. Keep your electronic cigarette battery away from extreme heat. Do not attempt to ignite your battery with fire objects such as lighters, butane lighters or electrical heat sources. Having your electronic cigarette battery around extreme heat might cause combustion or complete battery malfunction.

Electroniccigarettesfast.com batteries have passed, certified as safe and are ROHS compliant before being sold and distributed to the public. Any outside tampering or modifying your battery after being sold can be potentially hazardous. ElectronicCigarettesFast.com will not cover any battery damage, and is not responsible for tampering or modifying damage after it has been sold. 

Do not charge your battery unattended, or leave on the charger longer than needed (don't leave it charging a car for instance). Over charging your battery can cause your battery to over heat.

Do not leave your battery in a vehicle unattended. Leaving your battery in a vehicle exposed to extreme heat will cause the battery to over heat and may cause the battery to ignite.

Avoid dropping your battery.

Do you currently own an electronic cigarette and now you simply need a cheap replacement battery? Our 510 thread type e cig batteries and cartridges are already 100% compatible with all of the brands listed below. 

Njoy Npro
Fin Cigs
Victory E Cigs
Liberty Flights
E Cigs Brand
Saphire E Cigs
Power E Cig
No Flame Electronic Cigarette
Logic Power Series
Cloud 9
Smoke Stik
Liberation Jr
The SafeCig Micro

Don't see the ecigarette brand you are currently using on the list above? Read below for more information on compatible batteries, cartridges and adapters for a number of the most popular e cig brands on the market. 

If you are currently using one of the following brands listed below you will need to purchase the following 808d to 510 battery adapter to use our cartridges and batteries. The adapters are very easy to use and are available for less than $3. 

v2 Cigs

If you are currently using one of the brands listed below you will need to purchase the following E9 to 510 adapter.

Green Smoke
South Beach Smoke
Red Dragon
Smoke 51 - DUO
Esmoke sensation
Regal e cigs
Get Emerald Lux
Mistic e cigs
Customer Reviews
Rating truly fast!
you guys at e-cigs fast are the best, on every order you guys were truly fast. the customer service is second to none. your the best!!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from bisbee,az. on 7/12/2014
Rating cig battery
hold charge for about 10 hour so far wish it held charge longer but so far so good
  Reviewed by:   from union wv. on 2/13/2014
Rating Full flavor
Great taste smoking sensation
  Reviewed by:   from MN. on 9/24/2013
  Reviewed by:   from Lowell, Ma. on 9/22/2013
Rating good battery
YOU will need at least two of these they work great and one usb charger
  Reviewed by:   from Cass City. on 8/7/2013
Rating Cig Battery (510)
Perfecto! Better than most I've tried. Will order again!
  Reviewed by:   from Portland OR. on 3/27/2013
Rating best buy
Can't beat the prices. Keep it that way, okay! Very pleased, will continue to order.
  Reviewed by:   from spring, tx. on 9/3/2012
Rating Preferences
My husband prefers this model, I prefer the one with a button. Both are working well for us respectively. These are the best prices on electronic cigarettes that I've seen anywhere. The local mall is charging over $100 for a starter kit.
  Reviewed by:   from Asheville, NC. on 8/5/2012
Rating My Electronic Cigarette Battery Review
This item came on time as advertized and works fine. You will not find a replacement electronic cigarette anywhere at a better price. If you want more vapor get the big battery. I have two big batteries and a mini battery, that should be enough for even the 3 pack a day smoker.
  Reviewed by:   from fort myers. on 6/25/2012
Rating Electronic batteries
These are some of the better batteries on the market. I say that because when you combine function as well as cost, the value is there. No battery will last forever, so would recommend using this product.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 6/16/2012
Rating Longtime customer
I am a long time customer of this company and they have never let me down. .. The taste of the cartridges are a lot better than others ( I have tried NLA, white cloud, blucigs and v2cigs). I would highly recommend buying a replacement battery if you you don't want to be stuck without your cig while its charging!
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 4/23/2012
Rating I just found the deal of the day!
I just found the best deal of the day since christmas black friday with these batteries. This is the best deal on the internet for electronic cigarette batteries. The same battery is sold on the smoke 51 site for $50... The exact same one! stock up and save from here!
  Reviewed by:   from Indio, CA. on 4/18/2012
Rating These are the best prices on e cigs around!
These are the lowest prices on e cigarette replacement batteries anywhere on the web. I have two. I keep one at home and one at work. I made the switch and I don't plan on smoking another traditional cigarette ever again! Try the Turkish Blend its great!
  Reviewed by:   from charleston, NC. on 4/7/2012
Rating You really need to buy an extra battery!
The e cig battery is the life source and the whole point of electronic cigarettes. Without it, in lack of a better term, you're screwed! back up batteries are a must so you are not dependent on one 4 inch, not even weighing and ounce device. Buy two, three, or five... It will make your life run so much smoother... trust me
  Reviewed by:   from Jackson Fl. on 4/7/2012
Rating Fast electronic cigarettes every time!
If your looking for an electronic cigarette battery I would really recommend getting it from electronic cigarettes fast. They have the best prices on the Internet and they send the orders out within 24hrs every time! This is the best way to quit smoking if you ask me. Chuck says 2 thumbs up for electronic cigaretes fast.com!
  Reviewed by:   from San Antonio, TX. on 4/6/2012
Rating serious battery power all the time!
This is the best electronic cigarette battery on the planet...hands down! I tried the Smoke Assist Electronic Cigarette and the EZ Smoker cigarette and found that they didn't provide that much power. Sure enough I bought one of these $15 batteries and I've been smoking ever since.
  Reviewed by:   from Corona, CA. on 11/28/2011
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