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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Are they bad, or a healthier option?

Learn more about E cigarettes wants you to be informed on the ingredients used inside our electronic cigarette refill cartridges and the e-liquid available on our website. It's important to remember when considering the safety behind ecigarettes that they do not contain any tar, ash or carbon monoxide. In addition, electronic cigarettes do not produce any second hand smoke and are a better option for those who tend to smoke indoors or in areas with other people around them. 

Nicotine milligrams are variable per user's choice. Available nicotine mg are: 18mg-1.8% nicotine- comparable to a full flavored cigarette, 11mg-1.1% comparable to a light cigarette and 0mg-0% same great taste with zero nicotine.

Flavoring and Fragrance Ingredients: Vanillin;2,3,5- trimethylpyrazine;DL-menthol;2,3,5,6-tetramethylpyrazine;2-acetylpyrazine; Vanilla extract, Terpineol, Betadamascone, 2-methybuyrate; Tabanone; 5- methyfurfural 

Binding Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerol (25%); Propylene Glycol (61.8%) Purified Water (3%) 

The ingredient propylene glycol is a clear and odorless solution derived from the petroleum family and used in ecigarettes as a carrier humectant to bind and dilute nicotine. It acts as a stabilizer to vaporize the e liquid solution when heated by the electronic cigarette atomizer. Propylene glycol is recognized as safe by the FDA and is found in many common household ingredients such as: cake frosting, toothpaste, energy drinks, medical inhalers, mouth wash and acts as a solvent in food coloring and flavoring.

Are electronic cigarettes safe, are electronic cigarettes healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Smokeless cigarettes are used to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since e cigarettes isolate nicotine, there are fewer chemical risks evident. Tobacco cigarettes carry around 5,000 chemicals and a few more thousand unknown elements. This fact alone seemingly justifies electronic cigarettes as being a more risk free choice.

Electronic cigarette are not approved by the FDA as a quit smoking aid (nicotine cessation device). However, recent studies have shown that using smokeless cigarettes is not harmful to the heart. More studies are still coming out regarding how healthy ecigs are to the lungs, teeth & throat. 

We will continue to update this page with the latest information regarding the safety of ecigarettes. If you have more questions regarding purchasing our products or any questions simply give us a call at 866-443-8870 and one of our customer service associates would be more than happy to assist you. makes every effort to provide it's customers with the best products at the lowest available prices.