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280 mAh Manual Big Battery (510 battery thread type)
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280 mAh Manual Big Battery (510 battery thread type)

Part Number LLL-BAT2
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Bigger can be better especially when it involves vapor! The 280 mAh 510 e cigarette battery packs a full punch of power when generously puffed anytime and anywhere. The manually operated battery is perfect for in-between charges or for extra battery selection.

Directions for Use:

To Use, just click the button located the base of your battery 5 consecutive times to turn off/on. 

Style: 510L Battery
Length: 126 mm
mAh: 280
Diameter: 9.2mm

Battery Charge Time: 1-2 Hours

Battery Charge Life: 2-3 hours of smoke time

Battery Lifetime: 300 Charges

Smoke Time: A fully charged 280 mAh 510 e cig battery will last 40-50 (2-2 1/2 cartridges) cigarettes worth of smoking before necessary recharge.
The 280 mAh 510 electronic cigarette battery has become the most favored models for electronic cigarettes available. The 510 e cig battery produces great vapor almost instantly with its manual push button functionality. With our 510 e cigarette battery you can enjoy your vaping experience nearly twice as long as our smaller style.
The 510 e cig battery is manually operated with a push button switch located near the base of the battery. This may seem strange at first, but trust us; the manual push button has become the most preferred way to enjoy electronic cigarettes. The manual button functionality on the 510 e cig battery allows you to push the button a second before you take a drag to heat up the cartridge so you can take a shorter drag and still get more vapor than a shorter battery.
Electroniccigarettesfast.com 510 e cigarette battery is compatiable with most e cigarette brands cartomizers, however, only the USB charger sold by Electroniccigarettesfast.com can be used for charging. Using a different brands USB charger to charge your 510 e cig battery will cause complete malfuncion and  can possibly destroy the battery.

Please note: Rechargeable batteries are still disposable. They are intended to last longer than traditional batteries with proper care, however, does not mean they will last forever. Electroniccigarettesfast.com recommends buying duplicates to prevent premature deterioration.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Warning:

Electronic cigarette batteries are made of the same lithium ion material as cell phone and laptop computer batteries. Keep your electronic cigarette battery away from extreme heat. Do not attempt to ignite your battery with fire objects such as lighters, butane lighters or electrical heat sources. Having your electronic cigarette battery around extreme heat might cause combustion or complete battery malfunction. 

Electroniccigarettesfast.com batteries have passed, certified as safe and are ROHS compliant before being sold and distributed to the public. Any outside tampering or modifying your battery after being sold can be potentially hazardous. Electroniccigarettesfast.com will not cover any battery damage, and is not responsible for tampering or modifying damage after it has been sold. 

Do not charge your battery unattended, or leave on the charger longer than needed. Over charging your battery can cause your battery to over heat.

Do not leave your battery in a vehicle unattended. Leaving your battery in a vehicle exposed to extreme heat will cause the battery to over heat and may cause the battery to ignite.

Avoid dropping your battery.

Customer Reviews
Rating WOW!
I thought the other battery was GREAT ... IT IS BUT THIS ONE IS SOoooooo POWERFUL... I FORGOT I WASN'T REALLY SMOKING A CIGARETTE... I WOULD 100% recommend this to ANYONE who wants to quit smoking but still feel the effects... BATTERY Lasts a LONG TIME!! THANK YOU!
  Reviewed by:   from Lowell , Ma. on 9/22/2013
Rating Great Battery
My wife got one of these batteries and was really pleased with how long it lasts. Recived mine a few days ago and am really pleased with the performance. Much better than I expected. This one is a winner.
  Reviewed by:   from Hollister, MO. on 1/27/2013
Rating Manual Big Battery
I have two big batteries now. I am very happy with the cartridges that you electronic cigarettes fast offers. All the flavors are great and the prices are great too!
  Reviewed by:   from Prescott, Arizona. on 7/19/2012
Rating manual big battery
I really like these! They last so much longer than the regular batteries and are easier to use and enjoy. I'm glad I bought 2 of them so one is always ready.
  Reviewed by:   from salt lake city, utah. on 7/15/2012
Rating You need to get the big battery! The big battery will really make the difrerence!
This has a longer lasting batter and having to push on the button keeps me from constantly inhaling when distracted.
  Reviewed by:   from United states of america. on 6/15/2012
This is the best! It feels like you are really smoking. You Can even blow smoke rings! So much vapor! This is my main battery now and keep the other for emergencies. And I finally completely stopped smoking the yucky cigarettes. It was hard at first but the BIG helped me stop all the way! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to quit but can't
  Reviewed by:   from Hillsboro, Oregon. on 6/14/2012
Rating Diamond in the rough.
must...get... 280 mah battery! you will not believe the difference in vapor volume the bigger battery puts out. This battery is a must have to truly enjoy your electronic cigarette. All other smaller batteries are whimpy compared to this monster. Plus this battery is cheap compared to other websites who sale the same like the joyego.
  Reviewed by:   from La La Land, Ca. on 5/31/2012
Rating Best Electronic Cigarette Battery
This is the best electronic cigarette battery. You cannot find this Electronic cigarette battery in Florida for this price. Im glad electronic cigarettes fast has brought this into their inventory.
  Reviewed by:   from Fl. on 5/13/2012
Rating heavy and long!!!!!
long and heavy. would be nice if were a little cumbersome. other than that it works great!
  Reviewed by:   from mandan,n.d.. on 5/4/2012
Rating This battery works great.
This battery really works great. I am enjoying it tremendously. The charge last longer and it puts out a lot more vapor.
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego, CA . on 5/1/2012
Rating Have to try this new battery.
This battery is the best to take with you while your traveling. It doesn't need to be charged as often as the smaller battery, and it packs mass vapor volume. I highly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:   from Beverly Hills, CA. on 4/18/2012
Rating About your big battery.
I just received my big battery today (it came really fast)from my order on Saturday, and I am loving it. I am so happy you guys are carrying this. It is really making a huge difference in using my electronic cigarette. Thank you for your great products and prices. I am very pleased customer.
  Reviewed by:   from West Virginia . on 4/17/2012
Rating Electronic cigarette battery
Im happy to see you brought the 280 to your site. I have the Joye 510 too and it works the exactly the same. I like the electronic cigarettes fast products better than other products I have purchased from different site. Thanks for the great products and prices.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida . on 4/13/2012
Rating The only way to go
Everyone must get this battery.Your electronic cigarette experience will only get better. Its EXACTLY like the Joye 510, except half the price!
  Reviewed by:   from BFE Nowhere. on 4/13/2012
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